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Normanton-on-the-Wolds Parish Council

Agendas and Minutes

From 2021 Agendas and Minutes (where available) for Parish Council meetings are stored as Word documents. Earlier versions of Agendas and Minutes are stored as PDF files. To view a file, select the corresponding year and tap on the appropriate file name in the list displayed.

Please note that minutes are approved at the following meeting so are draft minutes until that time.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
5March24 Meeting minutes.docx09 May 202435kB
7May24 Agenda.docx02 May 202437kB
9Jan24 Meeting minutes.docx07 March 202432kB
5Mar24 Agenda.docx29 February 202433kB
9Jan24 Agenda.docx04 January 202433kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
7Nov23 Meeting minutes.docx10 January 202433kB
5Sept23 Meeting minutes.docx08 November 202331kB
7Nov23 Agenda.docx02 November 202333kB
4July23 Meeting minutes.docx07 September 202329kB
5Sept23 Agenda.docx01 September 202333kB
30May23 Meeting minutes.docx07 July 202331kB
4Jul23 Agenda.docx29 June 202333kB
4April23 Meeting minutes.docx06 June 202329kB
30May23 Agenda.docx12 May 202335kB
7FEB23 Meeting minutes.docx08 April 202329kB
4Apr23 Agenda.docx31 March 202332kB
7Feb23 Agenda.docx02 February 202324kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
6DEC22 Meeting minutes.docx14 February 202328kB
18OCT22 Meeting minutes.docx26 January 202330kB
6Dec22 Agenda.docx01 December 202225kB
18OCT22 Agenda.docx17 October 202225kB
July Minutes.docx28 July 202227kB
July Agenda.docx11 July 202217kB
May Minutes.docx19 June 202228kB
Annual Meeting Agenda.docx13 May 202216kB
May Agenda.docx13 May 202217kB
March Minutes.docx23 April 202227kB
March Agenda.docx10 March 202217kB
January Minutes.docx07 February 202229kB
January Agenda.docx12 January 202217kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
November Minutes.docx02 December 202127kB
September Minutes Approved.docx30 November 202127kB
November Agenda.docx11 November 202117kB
September Agenda.docx20 September 202117kB
June Minutes.docx24 June 202128kB
June Agenda.docx06 June 202117kB
May Minutes.docx13 May 202123kB
Chairmans Report.docx06 May 202115kB
May Agenda.docx27 April 202116kB
March Minutes.docx13 April 202128kB
Notification of Casual Vacancy.docx22 March 202116kB
March Agenda.docx11 March 202117kB
January Minutes.docx28 January 202127kB
January Agenda.docx14 January 202116kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
September Minutes revised.pdf05 December 202053kB
September Agenda.pdf12 September 2020156kB
July Minutes.pdf08 August 202046kB
July Agenda.pdf13 June 2020157kB
March Minutes.pdf25 April 202082kB
March Agenda.pdf07 March 2020192kB
January Minutes.pdf29 February 202079kB
January Agenda.pdf11 January 2020192kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
November Minutes.pdf21 December 201980kB
November Agenda.pdf09 November 2019152kB
September Minutes.pdf19 October 201982kB
September Agenda.pdf12 September 2019192kB
July Minutes.pdf24 August 201980kB
July Agenda.pdf13 July 2019121kB
May Minutes.pdf20 June 201978kB
Annual Meeting Agenda.pdf04 May 201988kB
May Agenda.pdf03 May 2019121kB
March Minutes.pdf27 April 201980kB
March Agenda.pdf09 March 2019113kB
January Minutes.pdf23 February 201982kB
January Agenda.pdf07 January 201980kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
November Minutes.pdf22 December 201881kB
November Agenda.pdf03 November 2018123kB
September Minutes.pdf27 October 201881kB
September Agenda.pdf08 September 2018121kB
July Minutes.pdf25 August 201879kB
July Agenda.pdf07 July 2018130kB
May Minutes.pdf23 June 201877kB
Annual Meeting Agenda.pdf06 May 201892kB
May Agenda.pdf05 May 2018103kB
March Minutes.pdf27 April 201879kB
March Agenda.pdf03 March 2018113kB
January Minutes.pdf17 February 201878kB
January Agenda.pdf06 January 2018202kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
November Minutes.pdf23 December 201779kB
November Agenda.pdf04 November 2017208kB
September Minutes.pdf27 October 201780kB
September Agenda.pdf09 September 2017119kB
July Minutes.pdf27 August 201780kB
July Agenda.pdf08 July 2017215kB
May Minutes.pdf27 June 201779kB
Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf27 June 201774kB
May Agenda.pdf06 May 2017119kB
March Minutes.pdf27 April 201779kB
March Agenda.pdf04 March 2017143kB
January Minutes.pdf27 February 201781kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
November Minutes.pdf24 December 201681kB
November Agenda.pdf05 November 2016104kB
September Minutes.pdf27 October 201674kB
September Agenda.pdf03 September 2016104kB
July Minutes.pdf27 August 201679kB
July Agenda.pdf02 July 2016103kB
May Minutes.pdf27 June 201680kB
Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf27 June 201680kB
Annual Meeting Agenda.pdf08 May 2016147kB
May Agenda.pdf07 May 2016266kB
March Minutes.pdf27 April 201680kB
March Agenda.pdf05 March 2016276kB
January Minutes.pdf27 February 201680kB
January Agenda.pdf02 January 2016273kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
November Minutes.pdf19 December 201580kB
November Agenda.pdf07 November 2015139kB
September Minutes.pdf27 October 201580kB
September Agenda.pdf05 September 2015139kB
July Minutes.pdf27 August 201579kB
May Minutes.pdf27 June 201583kB
Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf27 June 201580kB
March Minutes.pdf27 May 201584kB
January Minutes.pdf27 February 201586kB