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Normanton-on-the-Wolds Parish Council

Normanton-on-the-Wolds Parish Council - Communication Strategy

(Adopted 2/1/24)


This strategy will guide the Parish Council’s communications activity. It is based on the principle that communication is two-way and should enable the Parish Council to inform residents about what we do and to actively listen to what residents tell us about the service improvements they would like.

To develop effective communications with the residents of Normanton-on-the-Wolds.


  • To effectively inform residents of the aims, objectives, and activity of the Parish Council
  • To enable the residents to be involved with the Parish Council
  • To use a variety of communication methods to ensure that the way we communicate keeps everyone included
  • To build trust by being open and transparent 


The Parish Council will aim to use a variety of methods based on what reaches people most effectively and has most credibility. This includes:

Parish Councillors contact details

Published on the Parish Council website

Parish Council website

Parish Council notice board

Located on Old Melton Rd

Parish Council newsletter

Published twice yearly

Parish Council meetings

All meetings open to the public, dates available on the website and main notice board

Parish Council agendas and minutes

Available to all on the website and agendas are posted on the main notice board


Parish Council Clerk

Social Media

Initially utilise existing social media platforms already set up by residents.



  • Lawful
  • Cost-effective
  • Objective
  • Even-handed
  • Appropriate
  • Have regard to equality and diversity

What we Communicate

Public and Local Groups

  • Contact information for the Parish Clerk and Parish Councillors
  • Parish Council documents
  • Meeting times and dates
  • Local events
  • Newly enacted Parish Council decisions

Partner Councils and Organisations

  • Changes to services
  • Planning application views and opinions
  • Legally required notifications
  • Police reports and crime statistics

Where an outside body asks to use our communications channels to distribute their own information or advertise an event to residents, this will need prior approval by the Parish Council. Outside bodies include user groups, local groups, other councils, or businesses. Any outside information should adhere to standards on clarity, usefulness and legality and should not disparage the Parish Council. The Parish Council website shall be used purely for PC information.

Who Communicates?

The Clerk will be the main contact to have regular interactions with the public, partner Councils, local groups, businesses, etc. and forward through to full council for any action/agreement.

Councillors, when communicating with members of the public and other local groups should uphold the Code of Conduct/Communications Principles and communicate in a clear, informative manner. They should help in so far as possible (within pc powers) to resolve an issue or forward them on to the appropriate authority.


All policies are reviewed at the Annual May PC meeting; evaluation of the Communications Strategy is a vital component in receiving feedback and driving improvement. Monitoring and assessment will aim to take place using the Parish Council survey of residents that includes questions on the reputation and quality of communication carried out by the Parish Council.